Monday, July 7, 2008

Score Preview

On Saturday, Andy C was kind enough to invite me over to the Darkhouse studio to listen to excerpts from Andy K's Frankenstein vs the Wolfman score. The scoring has been held up for a week or so due to a corrupted video file, and now that a new file has been delivered we can kick it back into gear again. The music that I heard was not synced to picture, so I had to use some imagination as I listened, but what I heard was vibrant, melodic and full sounding. I can't be more happy. Andy K went with my notes and delivered the spooky, the scary, the haunting and the melancholy sound that I had asked for. Since I haven't heard the score against the actual movie itself it's possible that some changes may be called for but I'm happy to report that we are well underway and closer to that magical date when the movie will be finished!

You can hear a sample of the score over at the Darkhouse myspace page. The clip is called Mr. Ridley Revisted.