Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm Not Dead

Yep, lo and behold, I am still alive. I took a break for the December holidays and couldn't work myself up to come back to the painstaking process of animation. But now, at long last, I hope to make a return to the project.

I wish I could report more, but truth is I'm still working on that same chase sequence. Our heroine, Leeta, has been cornered in a sinkhole by the Wolfman and is about to meet the Frankenstein Monster and his Golden Retreiver, Yip. Action scenes, as I'm sure I've stated before, are my bete noir. They require multiple setups, each only seconds long, and take forever. I'm much more comfortable laying out lengthy dialogue sequences, where the focus is mostly on camera placement and character staging.

Andy has been working 'round the clock building a storefront recording studio, the first tentpole in the Darkhouse Productions umbrella. As such, he's been unable to get time to edit down the remaining character voice tracks. Unfortunately, two supporting characters who appear in numerous scenes are included in that batch... which forces me to work on the action sequences.

Thankfully, along with Spring comes the start of festival submission season - and although I have nothing ready for prime-time this year, I need to get cracking on this sucker in order to have something ready for next year!

Stay tuned ...