Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Halfway Point?

Added the Poster (credits not final) and some wallpapers to the active Poster page of the site for all of you FRANKENSTEIN VS THE WOLFMAN enthusiasts who'd like to have the boys staring back at you from your computer screen.

I've just completed that pesky sequence of shots that links up two batches of completed footage, marking the completion of about 7 1/2 minutes worth of narrative on FRANKENSTEIN VS THE WOLFMAN. The spooky thing about watching it back is just how fast the story moves. In my head, I guess I envisioned it having a slower pace. Instead, I've made FRANKENSTEIN VS THE WOLFMAN: THE ACTION MOVIE. It's pretty much BANG right out of the gate, in a race towards the finish line.

There are about a total of 12 minutes of finished sequences. These finished 8 minutes constitute about 10 pages of the script, which is 27 pages in total. I'm still going to bet the movie will come in at 20 minutes in length when it's done.

Adobe Premiere is rendering out the Left Eye view right now for distribution to my partners in crime. In the meantime, check out this site I discovered for an open source CG movie - the program used to create it and all the project files are available free. Visit
Elephant's Dream.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Final Voice Recordings Completed

This past Monday we went into the new Darkhouse Productions studio (visit and recorded the final three vocal performances for the movie. Darkhouse is a company co-founded by our producer, Andy Carlson, which specializes in audio recording, mixing and mastering for bands and vocal talent.

In other news, Lipsync's Mimic is becoming more of a curse than a blessing. It's voice recognition ability is fairly simple and rarely gets the lip movements to match the spoken word. For this latest scene I ended up becoming so frustrated with it that I went back to the old Raven / Raven 2 way of manually doing the lip sync using Poser's phoneme library. Time consuming, yes... but for this instance it produced more accurate results.

Monday, May 8, 2006

Full Speed Ahead

Despite the lack of updates to the Production Journal, animation on the movie is progressing at a good clip. There are two short sequences left to do that will act as a bridge between two lengthy sections of the film; once they are completed I will have a uninterrupted seven minutes that I can farm out to my music and sound guys for their analysis. It's exciting to see the movie's narrative start to emerge.

Co-producer/post audio supervisor/casting director Andy has scheduled a recording session for the final three voice parts this Thursday. Once I've got them, I'm anxious to begin work on a flashback sequence that I intend to model on the aesthetic of the Universal films.

More as it happens...