Friday, December 8, 2006

Memory Problems Plague Poser

I have finally finished approximately 22 seconds of footage from the gypsy flashback scene after rendering since the first week of November. Yeah. At some point I installed a Windows XP update that severely compromised Poser's ability to render images. I've been rendering the footage as PSD files, but after the update, Poser somehow ran out of memory (on my system which has 1GB of RAM) while rendering a single frame. The workaround to this problem was to render out uncompressed AVI files, which for some reason Poser is able to handle. But... but... it can only go approx 70 frames before it would crash because of a memory issue. So, I've had to split these scenes into 50-60 frame increments and come back to the PC every 8 hours or so to shut down Poser, reopen the program and the file and pick up where I left off. Tedious. Hopefully, future sequences will be less memory intensive and will render faster.