Saturday, August 30, 2008

In the Final Mix

The day has finally arrived that Frankenstein vs the Wolfman has moved into the sound mixing phase. Andy C and I have taken some time off of work during the Labor Day holiday to lock ourselves away in the Darkhouse studio to crank out the final mix. As of this writing, we're at the conclusion of Day 2.

We've been rendering out all of Andy K's score MIDI data into separate instrument tracks for all of the 22 cues and then creating a spatial sound mix based on an orchestra seating chart. That's about where we stand right now - the "movie mix" of the score has been completed.

The next step is going to be mixing sound levels between the score and the dialogue & sound effects tracks, and after that we're moving on to the 5.1 mixing stage. This should be interesting as we don't have a 5.1 monitoring system at the studio, so we'll be panning effects using a visual interface and then mixing those down to be put on a DVD. With any luck, we should be at the 5.1 stage by Monday. And, after that - it's in the can!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

FvTWM on Facebook!

Yeah, it's an all out blitz. Visit Frankenstein vs the Wolfman on Facebook by clicking here and say hi!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

FvTWM on MySpace!

It's official - Frankenstein vs the Wolfman has landed on MySpace! Stop by and say hello!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Full Musical Score Heard!

Yesterday marked a momentus occasion in the production history of Frankenstein vs the Wolfman, as I made my way to the Darkhouse recording studio to hear what Andy Kalbfus had deemed "the final version of the score" (meaning this would be the full symphonic render). I sat infront of a computer screen as Andy played back his score against the moving picture and I can honestly say my expectations were exceeded. We have a real, symphonic movie score! Andy worked on two counterpoint themes, one for the Frankenstein monster and the other for the Wolfman, and weaves them in and out of a big, lush, melodic, suspenseful, dramatic... ah, what other adjectives can I hurl at it? It was great. I can't wait for you to hear it. There were a couple of cues I was telling Andy Carlson he should either post on his Darkhouse MySpace page or mixdown for me so I can post them here... so we'll see what we can get out there for ya.

So, now that the music is done what's next? Andy C. has set aside some time for the three of us to meet over the Labor Day weekend and do the mixing for the dialogue, sound fx and music tracks. Then, we'll have to see about what we're going to do to release this sucker. Andy C. has talked about putting on a premiere party here in Rockford, IL and we'll be following that with online, DVD and film festival distribution.

Stay tuned...