Monday, January 19, 2009

My Bloody Valentine and Other News

We were able to check out My Bloody Valentine 3D over the weekend, having to make the trip to a Regal theater in Crystal Lake, IL because Rockford, despite being the 3rd largest city in Illinois, still doesn't have a digital theater (thanks, Kerasotes!). I just recently caught up with the original MBV (unfortunately, not the just-released uncut version) and thought it was a decent entry in the '80's slasher cycle. The remake never aspires to be anything more than a continuation of that lineage, and with the added value of Real D 3D, makes for one of the most fun times had at the movies I've had in the past couple of months (this after suffering through the sheer awfulness of David Goyer's The Unborn). There are a couple of memorable scenes and 3D gags, including a pickaxe through the eye, a jaw ripped off and flung at the audience, a character aiming a shotgun over the viewing audience, and a lengthy nude chase scene through a motel room & parking lot.

In FVTWM news, I received an invitation out-of-the-blue from the IMDB to create a page for the movie on the famous online database; it's a bit of a shock to think that FVTWM will be immortalized forever within it's pages! Plus, we'll be screening in March at the
Paranoia Horror Convention and Film Festival, which will take place aboard the haunted Queen Mary 2 luxury liner docked in Long Beach, CA!

I'm still working to arrange further screenings across the country as time & money permit. Plus, I haven't forgotten about those DVDs! Stay tuned...