Friday, July 14, 2006

Spot Checking for Audio Effects

Movie status: a couple of weeks ago we sat down and went through the finished segment of the movie with a fine toothed comb and made a comprehensive list of what audio effects will be needed for the movie. I made a list a couple of pages long, so this should be an interesting process. Andy and Rob want to record all new foley and effects work instead of relying on library sounds. We're due to begin that in a couple of weeks.

In other 3-D movie news, we skipped out on the Superman Returns Imax 3D Experience due to the fact that only 20 minutes of the movie were rendered in 3-D; next week, however, signals the release of Monster House in "Real-D" digital 3-D, so we'll be making a trip into Schaumberg to see that in a digital cinema. Also, Night of the Living Dead 3D will be getting a nationwide release this fall to 1500 theaters - which means it may actually play in here in Rockford!

And, Frankenstein vs the Wolfman got a mention in this month's issue of
3rd Dimension Graphics, an online Poser eZine.