Wednesday, February 16, 2005

New Entry and Minor Site Update

Posted field-sequential 3D versions of the two gallery photos for those of you with LCD shutter glasses for your PC (again, if you're into 3D TV, field-sequential systems are the way to go- Razor3D has a single pair (wired) for $39.95).

I just discovered the first legitimate, feature length field-sequential 3D DVD is now available - it's Full Moon's
THE CREEPS, which I caught theatrically in a one-night only 3D showing a couple of years back. The movie itself is the same kind of B-movie stuff Full Moon has been cranking out for years (they're the compnay that brought you the Puppetmaster & Demonic Toys movies), but the picture quality is better than the bootleg features available on eBay. Hopefully, if this disc sells well, it may convince other studios to release field sequential versions of their library titles.

We are currently recording voices for Frankenstein vs the Wolfman; as of this writing we've got one part in the can, with others scheduled to be recorded in the following weeks. I haven't really been doing any new animation while I wait for the voice work, but our home PCs are hard at work cranking out final renders for the completed scenes.

Also, I've done a test with
Lipsinc's Mimic software, which is a program that analyzes sound files & automatically generates Poser lip and expression data: I fed the Frankenstein Monster a line and have seen him talk for the first time. The surprise discovery was how much life the program gave to the facial features while the character talks - much more than just simply matching lip movements to words. Very cool.